Sunday, 30 August 2015

Confessions Of An Eyebrow Plucking Addict

Ok, so here's my confession... I am an eyebrow over plucker. Lets face it, its a habit that many of us are a little bit guilty of. Some of us did it when we were younger, others still do it now. I, unfortunately, fall into the latter of the two. I over plucked as a teenager and now I dream of beautifully arched NATURAL eyebrows, not having to fill them in every day.

The collage below is of my brows through the years, the good, bad and downright over plucked.

Today, I took my younger sister to a local beauty salon which specialises in threading as she decided she wanted to neaten her eyebrows up a little, but maintain a natural look. Having never messed around with plucking before, her brows were a lovely shape anyway, but while I was watching the threading specialist at work, I couldn't help but regret over plucking my own brows at that age. I should have just let a professional shape them for me!

I was inspired to try and grow mine back a bit, which believe me, will be a bit of a challenge. The threading specialist told me to use castor oil on them to help grow them back faster. I have heard this somewhere before so I went home and did some research. Castor oil contains protein, vitamins, fatty acids that nourish follicles, aiding hair growth. After reading this, I purchased a small vial of this miracle brow growth oil, and I'm definitely excited to see some results. I've read that some people notice a difference in as little as 3-4 weeks so I'll keep you updated on the progress.

Do you have any of your own eyebrow growing tips and tricks, or funny eyebrow blunders? Comment below :)


Lauren xo

(Ps... castor oil information sourced from an amazing website called Top 10 Home Remedies, to visit the website and read more click here)

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