Monday, 5 October 2015

Makeup Revolition Haul

I've finally had a chance to take some pics of my big Makeup Revolution haul. I was so excited for it to be delivered, I couldn't wait unpack it all and have a look at everything. They were doing an amazing deal where if you spent over £30.00, you got over £30.00 worth of free makeup!
Couldn't pass that offer up, especially as I could quite easily spend loads on their gorgeous products. So heres some pictures of all the goodies. I'll be posting more in depth photos of the palettes and some swatches shortly :)

New-Trals VS Neutrals Palette and Ultra Professional Contour Palette

Pro Curve Blusher & Highlighting Brush, Amazing Lipstick in Reckless and Pro F102 Concealer Brush

I ♥ Makeup Eye Primer, Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer and The One Blush Stick in Pink and Malibu

Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette, Welcome To The Pleasuredome Salvation Palette, Eyeshadows in Envy, Go! and Pink Is It! and Eye Dust in Etiquette

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