Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Favourite Instagram Makeup & Nail Accounts

We all love getting a bit of insta inspiration every now and again, in terms of makeup and nail art. I have a few favourite accounts that I'd class as my go-to's when I want ideas or just to browse through gorgeous makeup and nail pictures. All of the people I'm going to share with you are incredibly talented and my personal favourites.


Georgia Rose Devine - Instagram: @georgiarosex

Georgia is a 21 year old self taught MUA from the UK. I love looking through her Instagram pictures as I absolutely love eye makeup and Georgia posts the most stunning eye looks, which pop against her pretty blue eyes and English Rose complexion. Her skills range from everday makeup to SFX horror makeup, which is featuring on her page a lot at the moment because its nearly Halloween (check out her amazing spider web liner and speak no evil full face makeup looks). Georgia also does YouTube tutorials of some of her makeup looks. You can watch these tutorials and subscribe to her by clicking the link below.


Elarner Dawn - Instagram: @elarnerdawn

Elarner is another self taught MUA who has a passion for MAC and most high end makeup brands. She's 24 and is based in Kent, UK. Elarner's makeup pictures on Instagram include gorgeous full face makeup looks, lipstick swatches, eye makeup and more. Elarner experiments with different makeup styles, from bright eye/lip colours to neutrals and metallics, and pulls them all off perfectly with her doll-like beauty. She also posts fantasy/horror makeup looks (love the Nutcracker Soldier and Wednesday Adams ones), as well as collaborations with other insta MUA's; My faves are her 'American Horror Story' and 'Mermaid' collabs. Elarner has a blog which she created with another of my featured MUA's, Lois. You can read it by clicking the link below.


Lois - Instagram: @loismua

Lois is a 23 year old MUA from Surrey, UK. She loves drugstore makeup brands and affordable makeup. Lois is self taught, and is friends with Elarner Dawn, who she shares the Beautiful Darkness blog with. Lois works closely with my favourite makeup brand, Makeup Revolution, and creates a lot of looks featuring their palettes. If you look at her instagram, expect to see some really beautiful eyeshadow looks which stand out against Lois' stunning bright blue eyes. She also posts really good swatches and reviews. I also have to point out that Lois gives me an incredible case of brow envy... her brows are perfection! Lois created a YouTube account earlier this year, and is hoping to start posting full length tutorials soon. Watch her teaser video and subscribe so you don't miss anything by clicking the link below.


Anna Lingis - Instagram: @annalingis

A makeup artist as well as a highly talented face/body painting artist, Anna is another self taught MUA based in London, UK. She has had a passion for art ever since she was at school and studied product design at university. Browsing through the images on Anna's Instagram is like looking through a vibrant, yet sometimes delightfully twisted comic book; she often paints herself or other people to look like Marvel, Sin City and Pop Art characters. One of my favourites is her take on Wonder Woman, which I've used in the collage above of some of Anna's work. Anna also has another Instagram account (@annalingis_mua) featuring just her regular MUA work. She has worked with celebrities such as Boy George, stars of The Only Way Is Essex, and various models. Anna posts tutorials for lots of her fantasy looks on her YouTube account, which you can view and subscribe to by clicking the link below.


Anna - @pinkperception

Another Anna but this time from the USA! Anna is 26 and from New York. I came across her instagram page a while back, and after looking through her pictures, she became one of my favourite Insta MUAs. Anna posts really clear, detailed photos of her makeup, mainly #EOTD (eye of the day) looks. She is versatile with her eyshadow choices and you'll find colours ranging from smokey blacks, to rose golds, to bright purples or pinks, just to mention a few. Anna is also a master of the cut crease style; its definitely a recurring theme in her pictures but she manages to vary each one, using different shades and even experimenting with a double cut crease! Anna posts some really informative tutorials on YouTube, which you can view by clicking the link below.


Asriah Sooadi - @asriahs

Asriah is 25 and is from Vancouver, Canada. Asriah is stunning, and knows exactly how to apply her makeup to emphasise her features, through subtle contouring and beautiful eye makeup. She posts pictures of full face makeup looks and shares links to her YouTube tutorials to accompany most of them. Some of my favourites of Asriah's Insta pics and YouTube tutorials are the 'Get ready with me- date night' and 'Celebrity looks for less- Kim K for a day' ones. While browsing thrugh her pictures, you can't help but click the YouTube links; if watching them shows us how to apply makeup like Asriah, then we're all winning! You'll also find some arty pictures of Asriah's chic outfits and makeup collections too. If you'd like to check out Asriah's 'Celebrity looks for less' video, click on the link below and make sure you subscribe.


Cambria Proskine - @nailsbycambria

As a fellow nail tech, I get so much nailspiration from this lady! Cambria is a 22 year old licensed nail tech from Arizona, USA. Her skills are incredible, and at the moment her Instagram is full of Halloween nail art. I love the floral skull and purple graveyard ones which I've used in the collage below. Aside from seasonal specials, Cambria posts gorgeous pictures of nails with a huge variety of effects and styles including ombré, lace, striped, graphic, tie-dye, animal print, water marbled and sooo much more! Her freehand nail art is off the scale... you only have to look through a few pictures to realise that. If you like the colours she uses or want to know where her brushes are from, Cambria always posts the brands and shades in the image caption. For most of her nail art, Cambria posts mini tutorial videos but if the 15 second Instagram clips are a bit too fast for you, she posts longer, more detailed tutorials on her YouTube channel. Watch her latest tutorial by clicking the link below.


So there are my favourites, who are yours? Comment below and tell me.


Lauren xo

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